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Nakiri Cousins (Erina and Alice Nakiri) by Ookami-Yami
Nakiri Cousins (Erina and Alice Nakiri)
Yes, :iconember-snow: and I cosplayed Erina and Alice Nakiri from Shokugeki no Souma! We both enjoyed this anime series very much. >w<

Photo credited to Vang Lor.

Erina Nakiri: :iconember-snowi:
Alice Nakiri: :iconookami-yami:

Alice Nakiri outfit created by :iconookami-yami:
Erina Nakiri outfit created by :iconember-snow:

Erina and Alice Nakiri
Shokugeki no Souma ©Yūto Tsukuda & Shun Saeki
Infiltration (Stealth Cinder Fall) by Ookami-Yami
Infiltration (Stealth Cinder Fall)
Yay! A preview of my Cinder Fall (Stealth Ver.) cosplay! More will come soon! 
Cinder Fall: :iconookami-yami:

Photography credited to Simpl Photography
Cinder Fall Stealth Outfit created by :iconookami-yami:
Swords prop created by :iconookami-yami:, MiniSaru, and Vang Lor

Cinder Fall
RWBY © Rooster Teeth & :iconmontyoum:
Coco Adel (RWBY) by Ookami-Yami
Coco Adel (RWBY)
Coco Adel is probably my most challenging cosplay, especially since I had two of my friends and siblings to work together and build it. xD 
Coco Adel: :iconookami-yami:

Photography credited to Miss Amanda Stars Cosplay & Art
Coco Adel Outfit created by :iconookami-yami:
Gatling Gun Prop created by :iconookami-yami:, MiniSaru, KajiTofu, Vang and Kaxaus Lor

Coco Adel
RWBY © Rooster Teeth & :iconmontyoum:


Ookami Siblings Cosplay
United States
I started cosplaying during the year 2008 as Akito/Agito from Air Gear and have continued it for three years. My first anime convention was KumoriCon and I am hoping to go to other different anime conventions in the near future. I LOVE to cut/style hair and wigs, so I may say it's my personal hobby. I started sewing this year and hoping I improve in my skills to create more cosplays and also try starting on working on some complicated cosplay work as well. For this account, I will put various cosplay photos (friends, siblings, me, etc), some cosplay progress work, and also some random photo shoots. If you want to know more about me, just ask! :)


Facebook Page:…

Cosplay Web:

Hey there! Haven't been updating the journal for a while! My siblings and I cannot wait for the upcoming four day KumoriCon! So far, no progress have been done, but we are slowly collecting materials for our next cosplays! We are going to keep it low for now and don't want to reveal it yet. xD Our lives has been busy with school, so we won't be able to start making cosplays until probably late spring to summer around there. 

Anyways, there are some things I want to point out. Recently, I have received a comment from a person about how he dislikes our Zabimaru cosplay since the character was suppose to be a male and not the female Saru and the boy Hebi. Now let me clear this up here. As being the oldest sibling here, I don't care about what you like and what you do like. I don't care about how Zabimaru is suppose to be that male baboon. What really ticks me off is when my little sister read your comment and that it had a specific "colorful" word in it (thankfully, she laughed it off and acted mature about it). The reason we cosplay here is to have fun and also enjoy the characters we love within that anime/manga/game series. In addition, the reason why this Deviantart in the first place was to show the hard work and how much love we've put in to create that cosplay, and that we are happy to share it with many other people and cosplayers. So for those people who enjoy saying negative things online, especially when a little kid wanted to see what others have to say about our cosplay... You really need to start to get a life and not start this cyber bully crap. It's definitely pathetic. If you have nothing nice to say, just keep it to yourself unless you just want to make a bad image for yourself. So to conclude this, my siblings and I do not give a crap of what you think. We are here to cosplay for enjoyment and to have fun family times with each other when attending cons. We are not here to please your needs and have you give out negative criticisms. 

I hope all of you would understand and we thank you for the people who supported us with our cosplay work. Keep cosplaying, stay happy, and do not let those trolls get to you! Do what you love and never let anyone talk you down on it!

~Ookami Siblings Cosplay~

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